Tuesday, April 1, 2008


As promised, albeit a little late, here are photos of the soapstone installation.

The stone was brought into the house in smaller pieces. Soapstone weighs approximately 20 pounds per square foot, so even the smaller pieces required three men to carry them.

In this photo, you can see the difference between the sink, which has been oiled with mineral oil, and the "raw" pieces of soapstone.

The seams were epoxied together and the surface was carefully sanded and smoothed. This process took a few hours.
The finished countertops, installed and oiled.

A few close up shots of the various veining patterns.

This is to the left side of my sink. We had drainage grooves cut in.

This is my favorite piece. It's on the island to the right of the rangetop, and I call it my "lightening" piece.

There's so much more work to do, but getting the countertops installed was a huge turning point.


Miss French Jessica said...

I'm so jealous! :D I love your counters. I secretly plot about how I can convince dh that we have to redo our kitchen now...unfortunately, he can be more stubborn than I can. Sigh. Gorgeous soapstone. It's one of the materials I'm thinking of when we finally get to redoing our kitchen! It looks great so far!

Jen said...

I love it! I agree, the "lightning" piece is fabulous!

Think my husband would let us remodel our kitchen? It's a whole 2 years old now!

(The Pea known as Kate77)

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

Absolutely stunning!! Soapstone has moved to the top of my list for our counters. We will hopefully be replacing them in June.


Anonymous said...

Those counters are gorgeous! Love them.

Anonymous said...

I *love* your countertops and have been inspired. I meant to post on your thread on 2Peas when you posted pics, but man.. those countertops look AMAZING. - GeorgineVJ

Anonymous said...

I came here via 2eas after reading the thread about granite. We need to replace countertops and the granite is not appealing to me after all I read about it.

I want to be able to sanitize my counter tops when neccessary. Can you use bleach on this?

I love the look of your kitchen!