Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This Year Sucks

Despite the fact that I declared that this year would not kick my ass, it actually appears that it may do exactly that.

I haven't been updating and may update only sporadically for the next several weeks. My father was critically injured in a freakish head on accident.

He was in line at a car wash and his car suddenly took off over several curbs, through two parking lots, over a ditch, and slammed into a metal sign post. He narrowly - and very fortunately - missed two buildings and managed to avoid pedestrians and other vehicles. Witnesses said that he was airborne and traveling at over 50 mph at the time of impact. We believe that either his foot became jammed or his accelerator pedal stuck in some manner and he was not able to brake.

He's currently in the hospital. He has a broken neck, a head injury, and a broken hip. Right now, he's has no memory of the accident and he's having some problems understanding where he is and some other basic brain functions, although we have started to see some improvement. While we don't believe that his injuries are going to be iife threatening, they are most definitely going to be life altering.

Once he is more stable, he will have to be moved into a skilled nursing/rehab facility. We're hoping to be able to arrange to have him moved into a facility near us so that he is not 2 1/2 hours away since I don't have any siblings or other family.

Consider my ass officially kicked.