Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh My Aching Back

That's what Vern is saying right now.

We started with a couple of coats of primer on both the new drywall and over the existing walls.

(Awww, doesn't it just make you sick?)

Then we moved onto the beadboard ceiling we installed.  We primed all of the boards before we put them up.  Each and every little board.  All 7,657 of them.  Seriously.  But it was totally worth it - no more sparkly popcorn ceiling.

Then we cracked open the paint color we selected with our super scientific method called "Spin the Paint Wheel."  I'm not kidding.  After months of trying to select a color and painting 15 different colors on the wall before dismissing them all, we decided to just throw caution to the wind and the paint cards in the air.  The lucky winner (in other words, the one that landed face up) was Sherwin Williams Relaxed Khaki. 

We still have to paint another coat, paint and install baseboard and crown moulding, install the lighting and the office cabinets, finish the tile work, and install the laminate flooring. 

Oh, and I really should do something about my super fancy curtains. 

I know, you're almost as jealous of those as you are my fabulous photography skills.  Don't be a hater.

At least we are making progress.  Aching back be damned.