Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Home Sweet Home

You know how they say Home is where the heart is?

We have a second home.

A home is defined as:

1. A place where one lives. Well, that much is true. We spend more time at Menards than we do at our residence.

2. An environment offering security and happiness. I know Menards makes Vern happy. It does, however, give me heartburn.

3. A valued place regarded as a refuge or place of origin. I'm pretty sure he runs off to Menards as a refuge sometimes.

4. The place, such as a country or town, where one was born or has lived for a long period. Live for a long period. Check.

5. The place where something is discovered, founded, developed, or promoted; a source. We discover all sorts of thing we need there and have developed many ideas. And it's definitely a source.

6. An institution where people are cared for. I'm pretty sure they love us there. We've been keeping them in business for the past few years.

Lately, Vern doesn't even bother to say "we need to go to Menards." He just says "do you want to run to town?"

Someday I'm going to say "No, I do NOT want to run to town. I want to stay here and finish this house. So we can have a real home."

One that doesn't sell socks next to the lumber and dishsoap next to the toilets.