Saturday, April 5, 2008

We Won the Lottery!

Not really. But we sure have been stimulating the economy this weekend like we did.

We haven't really been working on the house since Vern's first surgery because he's still not feeling well enough to do much. But he does feel well enough to SHOP!

And S.H.O.P. we did.

We bought a sofa (like this only a darker brown)

And two swivel/glider chairs like these but in olive green (they don't look like much, but they are seriously the smallest, most comfortable chairs ever and they swivel and turn in every direction just like a carnival ride.)

And a coffee table (2/3 of the top lifts up to use as a higher table and the other 1/3 lifts up to reveal space for hanging folders)

And a dining room table with 6 chairs.

And a Persian rug. Notice how the dogs immediately claimed it as theirs before we even got it rolled out. (I naively had no idea that Persian rugs cost eleventy bajillion dollars. Fortunately for us, a rug gallery in our area is going out of business so we got 75% off of eleventy bajillion dollars, which still came to something outrageous for a rug for the darn dogs to lay on.)

And Vern spent a little time wandering (and spending) at his own personal Mecca, The Rockler House of Tools.

I'm happy to put all your fears at rest - - There will be no recession.

We have single handedly seen to that.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the dining room table and coffee table! I like to joke that ALL our rugs are Persian....thanks to our Persian cat. He leaves his fur all over the place. ;)