Sunday, December 20, 2009

This is Merely A Delay Tactic to Keep from Cleaning My Bathroom

Disclaimer: This is not my photo. I have found a lot of odd things in the bathroom, but I promise that I do not keep peanut butter sandwiches in there.

I should, in fact, be cleaning my bathroom right now. Instead, I am posting on my long neglected blog. However, I'm doing a little housekeeping all around the house, and the blog needs attention too, right?

If you have a blog, have you ever checked the keyword analysis to see what brings people to your blog? I've posted them from time to time. Some are predictable things that I post about a lot. Some are a little less predictable, but most be popular somewhere in cyberspace.

Once in a while, there's one that will make me scratch my head and wonder "what the hell?" This is one of those.

Keyword Analysis shows that someone was searching for "peanut butter toilet trouble." Of all the things that have brought someone to my blog, this is the one thing that I really don't want to know more about.

It's almost a new year, and I'm going to resolve to pay more attention to my blog next year (which hopefully also means that I will have to pay less attention to emergencies, illnesses, death, and other things I'd rather not have to pay attention to.) However, one thing I can assure you, this will absolutely be my last post on peanut butter toilet trouble.

Fitting really though, since I'm avoiding cleaning the toilet. I'd better not find any peanut butter.