Sunday, April 8, 2012

Aren't they fetching?

I often talk about my Labrador retrievers, Lincoln and Jackson, but I've never really posted a video of them in action. Of course, that's partially because Jackson, our chocolate lab, is rarely IN action. He was a lazy puppy that would rather have you carry him than walk, and he remains a lazy senior citizen.

Both dogs are 9 years old now, which is getting up there in age for a large breed but a good rousing game of fetch can usually stir Jackson into a few minutes of playtime before he goes to find a warm spot to sun himself in.

They were really young puppies when we moved to Uno Acres and one of the main attractions was the large yard (just a portion on the side of Vern's shop is shown in the video, but they like to play over there because they aren't usually allowed in that part of the yard and it's a special treat for them). I wonder how they are going to adjust to moving to a much warmer climate with a much smaller yard and possibly living in an apartment for a few months.

Jackson will be fine as long as there is sunshine. Lincoln, however, is pretty much going to demand a swimming pool.