Monday, January 14, 2008

But now I get to brag on his awesomeness

We found this undermount television/radio/weather band unit on clearance and DH got it for my craft area because he remembered that I mentioned I wished I could watch TV while I'm sewing. Not only did he get it for me, but he also installed it, AND got the satellite hooked up. It's some sort of a record that a project gets purchased and completed in the same day!

I wasn't slacking while he did this though. I was reorganizing our bathroom cabinet. This cabinet is sort of a temporary solution to the shortage of storage in our bathroom. Eventually we will remodel this bathroom too and add some sort of a closet, but for now, it's at least easy to find what we need.

And while it does bug me a little that everything isn't stored in cute little matching baskets, I made an effort to repurpose some storage containers that we already had.

Martha's got nothing on me. Well, except for cute little matching baskets, that is.


Kristi in Colorado said...

Organization like that makes me salivate!

~*Michele*~ said...

I only wish I could get organized, my procrastination gets in the way.
Now...I read that your dh bought AND installed your tv in the same day?!?!?! I am impressed, we have a week or so (at the earliest) delay in our house :)