Friday, May 2, 2008

Organize Yourself

And then I woke up.

We're working on a major decluttering project in preparation for a large garage sale later this summer. Having moved from a much larger house into a small home, we just have too much stuff. We've had a couple of sales since we moved here, getting rid of the large stuff, but there was a lot of the stuff that we "justified" keeping. The reasons varied from "someone gave it to us" to "we paid a lot of money for it." Sometimes we justified it because we actually did have room for it.

However, after reading Peter Walsh's book, "It's All Too Much" (Vern just finished reading it too), we realize that just because it was a gift, it cost a lot, or we have the physical room for it, it is not always something that we need in our life, especially if it doesn't help us achieve what we want for our lives.

For example, the pile of organizing books.

I had them neatly organized and categorized on our bookshelves. However, after dusting them for the 10,000th time (it's really dusty here in farm country), I'm just frankly sick of them. Not one of them has magically organized my house or even given me the motivation to do the job myself. Not only that, not one of them has even had one bit of information or one new idea that I didn't already know.

So I had to ask myself - WWPD? (What Would Peter Do)

Peter would say "get rid of all of them. . . except mine of course."

And so that's what I'm doing. Some are being sent off to Powells and others are going in the garage sale.

Except for Peter. Peter can stay.