Monday, May 5, 2008

Sneak a Peek

We haven't been getting a lot of work done on the house lately but we've been pecking at a few things a little at a time and made a little progress.

Here's an unfinished idea of what the floor is going to look like. We only have this small section completed, and it isn't grouted yet. We'll be using a dark grout because let's just be honest here - I'm not going to be scrubbing a light colored grout to keep it that way. Been there, done that . . . I'm too old for that shit.

And here's a peek at the tile that we are considering as part of our backsplash. This would just be the accent strip (about 3" wide) with a neutral background. We haven't made a final decision, but I wanted to bring some amber and red into the kitchen for a splash of color since everything else is so neutral, and this works perfectly with what I had in mind.

Now, if we can just actually get a wrap on a few things before Vern has his next surgery on Thursday (May 8), I'll be a happy camper.

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MomToTwo said...

I am so loving the floor!