Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm Against Rules

There must be something in my past that makes me incapable of following rules.

I mean, I read directions. I just refuse to follow them.

I don't know why I do that. The results are almost always bad, and I end up saying "I don't know why I don't follow the rules."

But, alas, I don't.

My herbs and vegetables were growing so well that I was infused with a sense of confidence overconfidence. I bought a couple of small herb planters today while I was shopping wasting time at Menards with Vern. (It was his first trip out since he got out of the hospital; I had to indulge him a little.)

The directions said to mix the dirt with water and then plant five seeds from each of the three packets of herbs included in the kit. Wait. What? FIVE seeds? Five tiny little seeds? Each packet had at least 30 seeds. I'm supposed to pick out five teeny, tiny little seeds and plant just those?

Screw that. I sprinkled the whole darn package and called it good.

I expect great things. It doesn't mean I'll get them, but I expect them.


Karie said...

Hey Carla and Vern! I finally have access to a computer again, for I have been kicked out of my house for a remodeling project and therefore am now living with my in-laws. I was so glad to hear that Vern's surgery went well. I hope that this is the beginning of a successful recovery, which hopefully will not take too long. Take care of yourselves. Love, Karie

Carla said...

Hey Karie! (Vern keeps saying, "I need to return Karie's call" but he doesn't think of it until 11 p.m.) Glad to hear that the remodeling is coming along. I hope it goes faster than ours. Thanks for the package you sent (Vern also owes you a thank you!) and for the good wishes. Keep in touch and let us know how the remodel goes.

MomToTwo said...

I forsee some serious herb thinning in your future. :)

Jennifer said...

I can't wait to see those suckers pop!