Sunday, June 29, 2008

Let's Cross This Off and Call It Done

Yes, that's right. This just may be the last post about Vern's kidney boulder.

All tubes have been removed, all surgeries are done, and all that is left is one further test to give us a good idea of just how damaged his kidney is and to make sure that all possible trace of the stone is gone. (We know some remains but it is in a location that is impossible to reach without much more invasive surgery and the doctor feels that it's just better left alone.)

Vern is getting quite a collection of leftover stones that are passing, and he'll be happy to show them to you if you ask politely. Maybe even if you don't.

He's been given permission to return to work in a couple of weeks and he's working on building up his strength again. I'm assisting him in that effort by making sure he has LOTS to do around here. So much work that I am positive he'll be happy to finally get to go back to his real job.

I believe this closes the final chapter and the book of this long and drawn out drama.

I'm hoping that there isn't a sequel.