Thursday, October 16, 2008

Finally Moving in the Right Direction

Progress has once again started on the house after the long hiatus during Vern's kidney boulder episode. Vern's parents came from Minnesota to stay with us for a week, and Vern and his dad worked on several different projects.

One of those projects was our range hood.

It's a good thing they were here because by the time that we got the hood installed, it had taken the effort of all four of us!

But I think the effort was worth it.

Oh, and I finally figured out where Vern got his talent for using a level. (What you can't see in the photo is that they BOTH have a level in their hands.)

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m in chicago said...

Wow, your kitchen looks fabulous. I had that pumpkin spice color in my dining room when we lived in Michigan. We loved it. We put in 6" baseboards, and they framed the color beautifully.

You really need to do a whole photo gallery when you and Vern finish the whole house.