Monday, December 22, 2008

The Stockings Were Hung By the Chimney With Care

At someone else's house. Because they sure aren't at ours.

I don't know what happened. Christmas snuck up on me this year. Came right up behind me and literally blindsided me.

Not only do I not have any Christmas cards done (last year they were done in October), but I don't even have our tree up. And it's not looking good for either one.

I would love to show you some of the presents that I have finished and wrapped. Except they aren't wrapped. Or finished.

If you are expecting a card or a present from me, I wouldn't suggest that you look for it before Christmas. June maybe. But not Christmas.

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love labs said...

LOL! Ah, just think of how far ahead you are...for NEXT Christmas! I don't know how it happened again, but Christmas really did seem to come earlier this year. I know that it's the SAME DAY every single year, but I swear we skipped some days this year. I think December needs a few more days before the 25th...and a few extra weekends would REALLY help!