Saturday, December 27, 2008

Which One of You Pissed Off Mother Nature?

Because I have a real bone to pick with you.

The weather around here has been terrible. It was only last week that we had a bad ice storm, fallen trees, and lost power. Then it turned cold. So cold that you couldn't catch a breath. Today, it is 60 degrees, but we have flooding, flash flood warnings, and tornado warnings.

Mother Nature's cycle is definitely screwed up. She may need some hormone therapy soon if it doesn't straighten out.

Speaking of therapy, I've been knitting. I know, big surprise there. But it's knitting for ME now. Me, me, me. After a couple of months of doing gift knitting, I'm back to having something on the needles that is just for me.

I picked up this yarn (Lion Brand Sock Ease) a month or so ago at Hobby Lobby when they opened. I love the cheery pink color. It's not super expensive sock yarn, but it has aloe in it and so far it is knitting up nicely, so it might be a good alternative to the gut wrenching feeling I get whenever I think about spending $40 on handpainted sock yarn. There are some nice colors and best of all, it only takes one skein for a pair of socks and it runs under $10.00 for a skein.

I'm making the Lacy Mock Cable Socks by ScarlettKnits and so far, I love the pattern. It's easy to memorize and is a nice break away from plain stockinette socks yet not too complicated.

And the best part? They are for me! Sorry, but it's the selfish, only child coming out. Sometimes I can't control her.


Anonymous said...

Pretty! I've got to check out our HL. I hope they have these colors.

Ashley Y. said...

That is really pretty! I never really got into knitting, but I love crocheting when I know what I'm doing :)

Carla said...

Ashley - I don't crochet so maybe if you are around next summer, you can teach me! (we're coming up for a week at the beginning of June)

Mary said...

Wow your knitting has really come a long way since we did the baby bootie knit along on Two Peas!