Thursday, January 29, 2009

If You Think Dog Hair is Hard to Keep Up With

You ought to try living in a house where every room is practically being gutted and/or remodeled.

This is what my kitchen looked like about a month ago when Vern (and our ever helpful friend Jesse) installed the canned lighting. (That's insulation from the attic for the uninitiated who have never remodeled.)

Made me wish for no lights so that I didn't have to see that mess.


Anonymous said...

Hey Vern and Carla! It's been a while since I last visited, sorry about that. I'm not an everyday computer gal but I'm getting better. Remodeling looks like fun, and I love to watch your organizing of things. Wish I was half as good as you. Kids are keeping me busy. Kevin is occasionally working, but recently got laid off, so now he has been home bugging me! Hope that it's not for too long. He does go out fishing quite a bit though. Otherwise, all is well here. Take care. Love, Karie

~jane said...

Surprised to see this.. I thought you got the kitchen done LAST year. Works in progress take a really long time, don't they?

Carla said...

Hey Karie - great to hear from you. I know you understand all about remodeling! Sorry to hear about Kevin's job, but hopefully it's short term. Looking forward to seeing you this summer. Drop us a note anytime (do you have our email?

Carla said...

Jane - nope - the kitchen got STARTED last year. Don't you know it's bad luck to finish a project in the same year you start it? Or something like that.

It actually got put on hold due to Vern's giganto kidney stone issues. It's usable, but a lot of trim and finishing work.

But work has at least started again, so that's progress.