Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This Year Will NOT Kick My Ass

I have a lot of really good hopes for 2009. Of course, I had a lot of good hopes for 2008 too, but the Universe had other plans for us. But that was last year. This is a new year. And I am not going to let 2009 kick my ass.

The year has started out a little rocky. A good friend of ours was seriously injured by electrocution. We canceled our much anticipated January vacation to Phoenix, and just last night, Vern sprained his ankle.

Did I mention that I'm not going to let this year kick my ass?

Therefore, I'm taking control of this year in the only way I know how to.

I'm going to organize it.

In times of stress, some people pray. Some people fall into drugs or alcohol. Some people obsessively exercise or compulsively overeat.

I organize. It's the only way I can gain a little bit of control over uncontrollable situations.

I'm staring a year long organizational project with new ideas and new challenges every few days, weekly at the most. If you want to play along with me and gain a little bit of control over your life or home, follow along with me.

I welcome any suggestions or questions - I can't promise I can fix your problems, but I can help you put them in nice, neat little piles so they are easier to step over.


MomToTwo said...

I'm in and looking forward to your sage advice. :) 2009 was going to be fine, but so far it's kicking my ass. I can use some support in getting at least one aspect of my crazy life organized.

Jean said...

Ditto Michelle. If we can't get organized following the lead of the Queen of Organization, then we are just hopeless. :)

love labs said...

After a year of medical chaos and lots of bills (for us AND the dogs) in '08, my new motto was "We'll be fine in 2009". Yah, we made it to day 5 of the new year without incident...and then got hit with a BIG vet bill. I guess there ARE some things I just can't control.

So count me in--I'll play along! Lately, I've been thinking about how unwelcoming our entryway is and how I can change it. We rarely use the front door, but it IS the first thing I see when I come downstairs in the morning and *I* deserve a better welcome!!!

I'll take some "before" pictures today and get started.

Ashley Y. said...

Hope Jesse is doing okay!