Sunday, August 16, 2009

Will It Play in Peoria?

I was born and raised in Peoria. I started my married life there, and I had my daughter while living in Peoria. I even worked in one of those two tall buildings in the center of this photo, aptly named the Peoria Twin Towers. I went to grade school, middle school, high school, and even some college while in Peoria. I owned my first house in Peoria.

It's funny how, when driving out of Peoria for what was probably the last time yesterday, I realized just how many things in Peoria that I've never seen or done. There are restaurants that I've always said "I should eat there sometime" and stores that are unique to the area that I haven't shopped. There are community events, seasonal fairs, and even some cultural events (yes, Peoria does indeed have some culture) that I've never attended.

Just like with relationships and people, you always think "there will be time to do that or say that" but often it gets pushed to the side and you never really do it.

I don't know if I'll ever go back to the city where I was born and raised, but it has made me realize that I need to take the time to take in more of the things that are offered wherever we live. We talk a lot about where we can travel and what we can see and do, and yet there are so many things to do and places to see right under our noses that we largely ignore.

We don't plan to live in our current home, or our current town, forever. Therefore, I know that our time here is limited and that there won't always be "tomorrow" to do some of those things. I'm going to challenge myself - and you! - to make a list of 50 things to do, places to visit, or sites to see in and around your town. And then I'm going to challenge myself - and you! - to actually do them.


Denise Z. said...

Such a timely post, for both of us. Dh and I have been talking about what to now that our schedules are not so restricted. I'm going to start on my list...but I'm going to save some things to do for when you guys visit!!! :)

Dawn said...

Good challenge. There are lots of things around here that I have always wanted to do but never have. Tomorrow I'm going to cross one of those items off my list and take a trip to a local museum.

Ashley Y. said...

I just wanted to say that I'm glad you're back on! I'm so sorry about your dad, I hope both of you are doing well!
This is a wonderful challenge... awhile ago I made my first trip it the Park Rapids post office ... sad huh? I'm going to have to look really really hard for something to do in Park Rapids!! I'll start researching :-P