Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Sale is Over

and we survived. But just barely. I swear they get harder every time we have one. And I'd like to make the same promise as last year that it is the last one we'll ever have, but since my last promise lasted less than a year, I'm just going to say that I hope not to have another one until we decide to move from this house. Which is a long, long ways off.

We did make about $2,000, and we are going to do something fun and glamorous with it. Like fix Vern's tractor. That's us - a barrel of fun.

We did get a visit from our little friend from last year and his mother. I guess someone in the house enjoyed their purchase. This year, mom bought a feather duster.

Last year, a novelty sex toy. This year a feather duster.

I really need to figure out how to get us on their party list. I bet they don't spend their fun money on tractor repairs.


Cyndi said...

$2K from a garage sale?? You must have had a bunch of awesome crap. :) Glad you survived it, and counting the days till Chicago.

love labs said...

HOW much Tupperware did you sell?!?