Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My House is a Little Dusty

Drywall dust, that is.

This is the reality that we call home.

It's also the reality of doing all the work of a major remodel by yourself.  What you can't see behind those walls are the hours and hours of electrical and HVAC work that Vern had to do.  

This is the room that was originally the formal living room.  There was a solid wall separating the very small kitchen and the living room.  We opened up that wall (which was a support wall, so we had to add a laminate beam for support), enlarged the kitchen into part of the area, and are going to use the space as a dining room, a small home office, and a small entryway.  

Fortunately, there's progress and we are going to begin putting on primer today.  If luck is with us, we might even start to paint tomorrow. 

And no, that's not the paint color we choose either.  We're going to at least attempt to be a little more subtle than that.


Denise Z. said...

OMG! The day has finally come--drywall at long last! (btw, love the front door, but how do you keep dog noses off it?!? And DON'T tell me they're trained not to leave nose prints!)

Carla said...

Would you believe that my dogs hardly ever look out the doors? I don't think they even get the connection between the doorbell and the fact that it means that there is someone at the front door.

The only people who come here are delivery people and if the dogs are inside looking out, how can they be outside getting treats from them?