Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lost in a Sea of Desperation

Also known as the Driver's License office.

It's a ritual of the residents of Illinois. Drag yourself into the closest Driver's License renewal facility, stand in line for 20 minutes just to receive a number so that you can sit among the unwashed for another 2 hours. All so that you can hand over $10 and get a new driver's license. Rinse and repeat every 4 years.

I'm happy to report that I'm all set for another 4 years.

However, I do feel sorry for the guy who must have been the temporary worker operating the camera today. He is SO going to get fired when they find out that he was actually taking photos that do not look like mugshots.


SplendidlyImperfect said...

Every four years??? What a pain!

Mine doesn't expire until I'm 65 - I've got another 34 years, unless I lose it before then or decide I need a new photo. Heck, even if we lose ours here we can just order a replacement online for five bucks.

I like the "sea of unwashed" thing, hee hee. Kinda like Walmart in certain parts of town on Saturday afternoons...

Anonymous said...

That's good that yours doesn't look like a mugshot. But you must post proof. I don't believe you. DL pictures suck. No one looks good in them.

Oh, and our licenses expire every 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Your post is worthless without the picture in question ;)

Carla said...

As if I'm going to post it here - LOL. I said it didn't look like a mugshot. I didn't say it was GOOD!