Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pedi Cure

Disclaimer: The above photo is not of my feet. Although the nail color is the same, unfortunately the actual photo of my feet seems to indicate that I not only have fat toes, but that my feet also have wrinkles. I may have to take my camera in for service because I'm SURE that my toes aren't fat and my feet don't have wrinkles in real life.

Ahhhhh. Is there anything better than a pedicure? Not for me. I've been putting it off all year for one reason or another. In fact, I've put it off for a couple of years without realizing it.

I'm definitely going to be making it more of a priority in the future because it definitely has a way of curing whatever ails me.

Except apparently for fat toes and wrinkly feet.


Cyndi said...

I've gotten a pedicure exactly once. I have scary, scary feet. Good for you for getting a little pampering.

love labs said...

It's one of my favorite treats! Such pampering!!!

(I even went this summer with one foot in a cast--not exactly the best way I'd recommend to get a 1/2price pedicure, though! )