Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Princess Has Nothing on This Pea

We like to shop. Vern and I both like to shop. We will shop for just about anything. And if we don't have something to shop for, we will make something up. This is an important point to remember for this post.

We also at some point thought we would have a lot of guests visiting. This, however, has never happened. We have a guest room and the same person occupies it time and time again. And much of the time, he brings his own sleeping arrangements with him in the form of his semi or his camper. So the one guest room we have is rarely used.

Somewhere along the line we picked up an air mattress. I think it's been used once. Maybe. As I was decluttering, I posed the question of getting rid of it and after much convincing, Vern agreed that it is something we don't need and don't use.

However, not only do we have that air mattress, we had a second one with a frame that raises it to the level of a bed. That one, however, had a leak. Which pretty much makes it unusable as an air mattress - a fact that was apparently lost on us whenever we discovered it actually had the leak because we folded it up neatly and stored it away.

Getting back to the point - we decided to match up the non-leaky air mattress and the frame and give it to my daughter, who actually does have people come to visit.

As I was getting it ready to take to her today, Vern said "what is that?"

Me - "Uh, the air mattress" (while looking at him like he has somehow lost his mind.)

Him - "No it's not."

Me - "Yes it is."

Rinse and repeat for a few good minutes.

Turns out that we not only had TWO air mattresses, we had THREE. That we never used. For the guests that we never had.

So we are pawning one of them off on the daughter, which still leaves us with one air mattress.

How we managed to throw one leaky mattress away and give one away and still end up with the original mattress I was trying to get rid of in the first place has to be some sort of new math.

(The irony of this whole story is that we are meeting her after we go shopping for a new computer and an iPad. We already have four networked computers in our home. Apparently we need two more.)