Wednesday, November 14, 2007

All Decked Out

We've really had very little time since Jesse left to work on the deck because of our well disaster (I have now upgraded that whole episode to a disaster status). However, Vern did get a little more done on the railing around the grill.

We're hoping to finish it before winter and all we need is one or two days of decent weather without something else breaking around here. We need to finish the top rail around the grill, the stairs and handrail, and enclose the bottom of the deck. We had already decided to let it weather over the winter and then stain it in the spring. We also want to add some outdoor lighting, replace the window, and finish the brickwork repair.

It's hard to tell just how large it is, but we already have our oval patio table, four chairs, a glider, and the grill on it. And there's still room for a square dance in the middle.

We even had coffee on the deck this week and enjoyed what is surely some of the last warm weather we are going to have this year.