Sunday, November 18, 2007

Doctor, Doctor . . . I Think I Have Startitis

I have a confession. I'm a starter, not a finisher. I'm pretty sure that my family and friends have known this about me for a long time, but I'm officially telling the world. I love to plan and start projects. I hate finishing them. Not because of any emotional attachment to the said project or because I don't want to "let it go." No, I just get bored with it and move on to the next project, leaving a trail of forgotten projects behind me.

I've put myself on a yarn diet. No more yarn until January 2008.* This could be a problem since I am going on a yarn shop hop with my friend Gabriele on Saturday. However, I have a short list of non-yarn items that I'm going to concentrate on finding so hopefully it will distract me from the yarn itself.

I'm attempting to gather all my orphaned projects into one spot and have solemnly vowed that for every new project I start, I will finish two of my abandoned projects - or at the very least abandon them once and for all and put them to rest - preferably somewhere out of the house.

All that said, I recently started two NEW projects. One is a super secret project that may or may not be given to someone who may or may not read this blog at Christmas. (It's actually almost done and just needs some little finishing touches.)

The other project is this:

I know it doesn't look like much now, and I'm actually cheating by putting this photo up right now, because THIS project is also almost finished, so I'll keep it a secret until I can put the finished photo up in a day or two. I will tell you that it's pink and blue and made from cashmere. Yum.

What I really wanted to point out, however, are the beautiful stitch markers. The camera really can't capture how gorgeous they are, but let me assure you - they are.

They are from my favorite Etsy shop, Crimson Orchid

Check them out if you are in need of stitch markers, row counting bracelets or other little knitting do-dads. Or, you know, if you happen to know a knitter who would like it for Christmas or her birthday (coughcoughFebruary24coughcough).

*I am not bound by this if I happen to wander past a pile of yarn that is never going to be made again, on clearance, and calling my name.