Monday, November 5, 2007

We Ordered our Kitchen!

I forgot to mention last week in all the misery of the "Great Well Disaster of 2007" that we placed our final order for our kitchen cabinets! That alone was enough to almost make up for the lack of water.

I don't have a great drawing of the final layout, but this is pretty close. The island will be brought forward a little bit and there will be seating for 3 along the side and in front of the range top.

The cabinets are going to be this style with a different style glass.

This is actually the exact cabinet and style of glass that we are going to go with (sorry for the crappy cell phone photo).

We will have a corner cabinet with glass and then a light box over the kitchen sink made out of this same glass - very similar to what is shown in this photo.

We met with the craftsman today who is going to do our soapstone counters. He just recently completed the Frank Lloyd Wright house that is in our area, so we're excited to see what he has done there. We also decided on a farmhouse style sink made out of soapstone also, although we opted for a slightly larger double sink.

Now the hard work begins on our part. The cabinets should be finished before Christmas and we have a lot of work to do.

Including the most pressing issue of permanently repairing our well.

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Sheri said...

love that kitchen ! :)