Monday, March 24, 2008

It's Not ALL Illness Around Here

Sometimes I knit.

This hat (and the scarf) is based on a Banana Republic hat. I wasn't satisfied with the grey and plum versions, but I was really happy with how the teal version came out.

However, my 23 year old daughter liked them all.

Oh well, I don't look good in hats anyway (and she looks spectacular in them).


Liz R. said...

Gorgeous hats and scarf!!! You did a fantastic job.
How is Vern feeling??

Brandy said...

Those are awesome! I love the white/black/grey one! Very nice!

KraftyKerilou said...

Those hats are gorgeous!! What a professional job you do!! Two thumbs up!! Kerilou 2peas

Carla said...

Thanks everyone! These were my first hats.

Liz - Vern is feeling like he got hit by a truck. And then dragged through a pile of poop. I'm hoping that getting the nephrostomy tubes out on Tuesday will help a little. It would be easier if this was the beginning of healing instead of knowing that he is looking at two or three more procedures that are just as painful in the near future.