Monday, March 10, 2008

We Have Progress!

There's nothing like that last minute panic to help move things along a little faster. Vern is using the last few days before his surgery to get things in order. It won't mean a working kitchen yet, but it does mean that some work can continue while he recovers.

The appliances were delivered.

Most of the cabinets have been installed and our soapstone contractor was able to come out and make templates for the stone.

They were here for close to four hours making templates with every little detail for the stone.

They even brought our soapstone sink. If you aren't familiar with soapstone, it is a natural stone and mined like granite and marble. It has a soft feel, but quality, countertop grade soapstone is very hard. It is nonporous and would not even be affected by spilling acid on it (that is why science lab counters are made from soapstone). It is also not damaged by heat (in fact it holds heat so well that fireplaces can be lined with soapstone).
Soapstone does not need to be sealed, but its natural beauty is brought out with a simple coating of mineral oil.

We have a few more days to put some closure to some projects and then we will just take a "relax and wait" approach until Vern is on his feet again.

Until then, I'll probably be doing some organizing and cleaning, so prepare to be thrilled to death with those projects. I might even get some down time to play with yarn and needles.

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ShawallaPea said...

Gorgeous! I love the sink and the cabinets are wonderful. I hope your dh's recovery is smooth and quick!