Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Stitch (Marker) in Time

My current decluttering project is our master bedroom. In my top dresser drawer is a box of jewelry items that I always end up throwing back into the drawer. Things my mom left me, things that I never wear but that hold some sort of a sentimental value, and things that I've just outgrown from a jewelry standpoint. How much do I really honor these memories by throwing them in a box in the back of my drawer?

One of those pieces of jewelry was a silver charm bracelet from when I was a pre-teen. I got a lot of charms for different events in my life or different places we visited. However, I honestly can't remember ever wearing the charm bracelet and, in fact, several charms hadn't even been put on to the bracelet.

Rather than toss the charm bracelet back into the drawer, I disassembled the bracelet and made stitch markers for knitting out of them. I also made markers out of a few pendants from necklaces that I no longer wear but that were special in some way.

Now with every knitting project, I am not only knitting my love and time into the project, but I am also reflecting on treasured memories of my past.

Today I will take some time to knit and use a charm to remind me of my mom who passed away 11 years ago today.

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Rachel said...

What a wonderful idea! So creative -- I have three charm bracelets... my own, my moms and my moms-moms (my grandma). You've given me a great idea to treasure them in a special way. Thanks :)

*visiting from Ravelry*