Thursday, December 20, 2007

He's Psychic

(Ten points extra if you can identify this photo. One hundred points if you have actually dressed up like this for an office party.)

Remember back to Thanksgiving when I mentioned that my dad frantically was trying to find the paperwork for his prepaid funeral plans? It was very unlike him to be tearing the house apart and to be worrying about something that was settled years ago. Fortunately, I made a couple of calls to the funeral home, discussed everything with the Funeral Director (who was extremely understanding by the way) and got all of the details nailed down and was able to reassure dad that things were, indeed, taken care of and fully paid for no matter how much the cost is at that time.

Well dad must have had some sort of a premonition because just three short weeks later he got word that his sister had passed away. She lived in Florida and although they had spoken recently, he hadn't been aware that she had been suffering from a long term illness.

Anyway, back to the point of my story - - - it seems that her family had prearranged and purchased a funeral plan and somehow it wasn't sufficient to cover even half of the cost of her funeral.

Despite how irritated I was at the time to have to make those calls at Thanksgiving, I'm now very grateful that I was able to put dad's mind at rest about such a serious subject.

Oh, and if the name escapes you - it's Carnac the Magnificent. And yes, I did indeed dress up as Carnac for an office party several years ago. It was for a skit making fun of the lawyers in our office. I was Carlac the Magnificent. I was pretty damn funny too.

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MomToTwo said...

And where are said photos of you at the office party?