Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I Fell Off the Wagon

I've been very, very bad. I fell off my yarn diet. Pretty significantly.

Yes, that is a faux Christmas tree made out of 26 one-pound skeins of cotton. When I fall off the wagon, I not only fall off, but I get run over by it too.

I've been selling quite a few dishcloth sets (I love mindless knitting) on Etsy and while I won't be able to get all of this knit up before the holidays, I will be set for the next year. Or ten.

And while I'm admitting my sins, look at the pretty self striping sock yarn I got yesterday when we were coming home from Chicago.

We'll just call that dessert, okay?

1 Comment:

hiccupp said...

oh...oh yes, good choice on the sock yarn. deffinately.

you were getting too thin anyway ;)