Monday, December 31, 2007

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - Verse 2

Come on - sing it with me. You know the tune.

It seems like everything with this project has gone that way, so I didn't expect anything different.

The cabinets are here.

Not that impressive, huh?
Fortunately, they are more impressive out of the boxes. Unfortunately, there are several issues that we have to correct before we can install them. Besides the wrong stained glass that I mentioned earlier, there are a few cabinets with damage to the drawers and the drawers to the lower cabinets don't have the right closing system that we ordered. Also, the sink base and the appliance garage are completely wrong, so that will have to be corrected before installation can be done.

I guess it's lucky for us that we aren't ready to install them. Procrastination finally pays off.

I'm not sure what the rest of the week will bring since it's another holiday week, but we hope to have a decision made by Wednesday evening on our flooring and have it ordered by Thursday. We also hope to get a few more stud walls in place.

And because I have to occupy the other 20 minutes a day that aren't spent on the remodeling project, I cast on for my Hot Tamale socks. It's a pretty simple design ( and it's being done with (gasp) $1.00 sock yarn from so I don't expect them to be perfect. However, I'm on a stash busting mission for 2008, so it was time to move them from my yarn basket to my sock drawer.