Friday, October 12, 2007

Come On Baby, Light My Fire

The first fire of the year. Unbelievable considering that it was over 90 degrees just four days ago.

Speaking of the fireplace, now is a good time to showcase the changes that we made to the fireplace last year.

We have a massive 19 foot wide limestone fireplace. Beautiful, but a bit of a decorating challenge. The big problem, however, was that you might as well have thrown $20 bills in to burn because it was so inefficient. It had such a wide flue that it brought in more cold air than it could put out warm air. And there was no blower to circulate the heat in the room. All that 1970 style doors.

It was a whole lot of ugly.

We purchased an enclosed fireplace insert and installed it last year. Now we can heat several rooms just with the heat from the fireplace.

Jackson, our chocolate lab, gives his approval.

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~jane said...

Hi Carla... nice fire to sit beside with your to see your home improvements...