Saturday, October 6, 2007

There’s a Stud in my Kitchen

Come on, you know you are jealous. Everyone dreams of a stud in the kitchen. Mine just happens to be a stud wall. Dreamy.

In all seriousness (I know, what’s the fun in that?) it’s better than the wall that was there before. The wall that housed the washer and dryer and the refrigerator. Everyone loves to do laundry in the kitchen.

That same wall kept every bit of light out of our house. And it kept us isolated from the entire world . . . or at least our street. Now with the wall gone, we can watch our neighbors get more sunlight.

In fact, most of this wall is going to completely disappear. We just have to do a little reinforcement because it’s a support wall. And then it comes down completely and the new island will be front and center in that space.

Hello sun. Welcome to my kitchen!