Tuesday, October 16, 2007

You are in a Time Out

I’m mad at my 3TimesChic sweater so it is in a time out.

It’s not really the sweater’s fault, but in the end, it is the one to suffer. I made a pattern reading mistake and now I need to frog the front back to the armhole decreases. It could be worse. But I was “this” close to finishing it. I only had a tiny bit of the last sleeve left to finish. Now I’m disillusioned with it. It doesn’t look nearly as pretty, and it doesn’t feel nearly as soft, and I really have serious doubts as to whether I will even be able to assemble it and whether it will fit. So it’s in a temporary time out until I cool off a little. Or buy more wine so that it all doesn’t seem so bad.

Ever the optimist, I cast on a new project. Right now, it just looks like a rectangle. Actually, now that I think about it, even when it’s finished, it will still be a rectangle, just a much larger and more colorful rectangle.

I cast on the first square of the Mason Dixon Moderne Log Cabin afghan. I’m using some of the Patons Highland Chunky (acrylic/wool blend) that I picked up at Michaels for $1 per skein, so it’s also going to be a cheap rectangle. I wanted something very washable and very soft for snuggling on the sofa next to the fire, and this is just the ticket.

I also wanted an easy knit that I can do when my brain is fried, I want to engage in conversation, or I want to multi-task while knitting. Said multi-tasking may or may not involving drinking of the aforementioned wine.

It doesn’t look like much now, but give me a week. Or a month.

Let’s just hope I don’t need a bigger time out corner because the sweater is already looking lonely.