Friday, October 19, 2007

Hole in the Wall

Hole-in-the-wall: n., a) a small and insignificant place;
b) Small, insignificant, difficult to find.

I don’t care how Webster defines it, I define it as progress.
Beautiful, blissful progress.

The Cavalry arrived on Thursday in the form of Vern’s best friend Jesse, who is here to help us out for a couple of weeks. I can only hope that my cooking is good enough to keep him around and/or to lure him back again.

Today was a day of progress. The window and wall in the kitchen was removed and a hole just the right size for our new door was cut through the brick. Soon there will not only be a door here, but also a deck. This is just one of the very first steps of our kitchen remodel. (If you look to the right of the hole, you can even get a sneak peek of the wall colors we are thinking of for our new kitchen.)

Work continues on the Moderne Log Cabin blanket, and I have completed three blocks so far. Not much to say about it other than straight, mindless knitting is sometimes good for the soul.


hiccupp said...

FTR, I like the blue :)

or the lighter shade on the bottom.

or a combination of the two....that's why I don't pick paint.

Carla said...

I think the concensus around here might be the lighter shade on the bottom. Maybe an accent wall in the dining room of the darker color. The family room is even one shade darker than the dark one. I think I try to hard to be matchy-matchy.