Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Welcome to Uno Acres

Who we are:

We’re Vern and Carla. Our neighbors call us the Unos, even though that’s not our last name. Or anything close to it. Somehow word got around that my family invented Uno. (I wish). So now our neighbors are officially convinced that not only are we lying to them about that, but that our last name really is Uno.

We met in 1979 when we were both 16.
And we played a lot of Uno, but as far as I know, my family did not, indeed invent it.

Where we are:

We live in Eastern Illinois. Yes, Virginia, there really IS more to Illinois than Chicago.

What it is:

An attempt to prove that we really ARE making progress here at Uno Acres. It seems like have answered every question with “we’re remodeling” for the past four (OMG, has it been FOUR?) years. People are starting to ask what could possibly be left to remodel. Oh, if only they knew.

It’s also probably going to have a little cooking, knitting, and family life thrown in there for good measure. Because we have to do something other than knock out walls from time to time.

What it isn’t:

It isn’t going to be all that interesting, so if you found this by accident, you may want to stumble along to another blog unless you are a family or friend. And maybe even then.

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Brad said...

Looking forward to seeing Vern back at work...knowing that you are Lab lovers here is a link to a story about how great these dogs are.

See ya soon Vern....Brad A.