Friday, July 18, 2008


You've already met JoAnn.

And Sally and Crystal have made appearances even if they haven't been formally introduced.

But you haven't met Graduation Girl. Graduation Girl was a gift to Ashley for her college graduation. We're not sure if she was a serious gift or a joke. But either way, she has become our family white elephant. You don't want to end up with Graduation Girl at your house.

Sometimes when Ashley visits, she hides Graduation Girl for us to find. Sometimes we find her before Ashley leaves and hide her back in Ashley's luggage or car. Usually we are stuck with her for what seems like eternity.

A couple of weeks ago Ashley came for a visit. A few days after she left, we found Graduation Girl, neatly hidden away in my laundry room.

This week Ashley is on vacation and renting a hidden little cabin in Wisconsin.

Graduation Girl will be waiting for her in the cabin to greet her when she gets there!


Becky said...

That's too funny! Sounds like a fun thing to do to each other! :)


Amanda said...

OMG that is too funny! :D