Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Very Weird Shopping Trip to the Knitting Store

Did I walk away with fantastic sock yarn? No.

Did I walk away with the latest and greatest pattern book? No again.

I walked away with the following:

1) One skein of Eros Drifters yarn.

I hate this yarn with the passion of a thousand fires. However, I'm not about to give up on this project. About two months ago, I bought 2 skeins to make a scarf. Didn't like the scarf. I must have tried 10 different scarf patterns with this horrid yarn. I finally settled on making a very loose and airy shawl. Of course, you know what is next. That's right, not enough yarn. So back to the store I go to get more. Of a yarn I despise. All because I vowed to finish projects this month.

2) A package of Yarn Bras.

Vern picked them out. I think he saw the word "bra" and just figured that it was as close to porn as he was going to get today. I didn't even know my yarn needed a bra.

3) Pattern Tamers.

What, you ask, are Pattern Tamers? They are magnets with ribbon on them that cost $15. Yes, really. Ribbon glued onto magnets. $15.

It was my consolation prize for taking my husband into the yarn store with me.